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Smart Pest Control

A truly modern approach to traditional pest control issues. We combine modern technology with time tested pest control practices to ensure your premise is always pest free!

Digital Reporting

Our pest control reports are recorded via the Pest Pulse app and stored securely in the Pest Pulse portal, ensuring a fully compliant service


24/7 Rodent Protection

Our optional smart traps means your site is being monitored 24/7 for rodent activity, not just when the technician is on site!


Remote Site Management

Manage 1 or many of your sites from anywhere. Our platform is mobile friendly and always on, total peace of mind


Current Provider Vs

See how your current provider measures up against Pest Pulse.

Your Current Provider

75% of the time of pest control time is dedicated to rodent control

70% of that time is dedicated to checking empty bait boxes meaning...

52% of the contractors time you pay for has minimal benefit

75% of the time of pest control time is dedicated to rodent control

5% of that time is dedicated to checking empty bait boxes meaning...

0% of the contractors time you pay for has minimal benefit


Complete Reporting Platform

Site Management

Manage all of your sites, wether you have 1 or 1000, the pest pulse platform allows you to see all of your sites pest control information in one place

Smart Devices

Your smart devices alert you to real time pest issues. See where they are and what their status is. Your early warning system.


Manage recommendations made by Pest Pulse technicians , see detailed photos and notes so you can quickly take action to resolve problems that cause pests.

Site Audits

Every report our technicians produce is stored securely on the platform allowing you to see reports that happened last week or last year.

Our Service

Knowledgeable Technicians

All our technicians are RSPH Level 2 trained and are experts in delivering pest control programmes


Recommendations highlight hygiene issues and problem areas so you know which problems need solving first.

Fully Stocked Vans

All of our technicians have fully stocked vans, meaning we can fix your problem first time.


Dedicated account managers. Support portal, email, voice and chat.

Happy clients across the UK & Ireland

“Pest Pulse was able to offer the right blend of a market-leading, technology-driven solution, with personal service delivery and a tangible focus on BrewDog as the customer.”
Will Brown, Brewdog
Pest Pulse delivered its strategically positioned smart traps to enable 24/7 monitoring of our Temple Bar restaurant. We can view real-time analytics via cloud-based software and will receive notifications as soon as a trap is activated.”
Donna Doyle, Leon, Ireland
Following a thorough tender process, we decided to move our pest control cover from Rentokil to Pest Pulse, this decision was based on a trial with Pest pulse across 20 of our most high risk sites and the service we received with the detailed reporting gave us absolute confidence that the Pest Pulse team were the right partner.”
Tracey Dodd, Young's

How many visits will I receive?

Typically you will receive between 4 - 8 visits per annum. Your level of visits increases or decreases based on your site risk, this ensures you only pay for visits that you need.

Are your technicians trained?

Yes, our technicians are RSPH Level 2 qualified so you can rest assured you are dealing with professionals

Do I get smart monitoring?

Whilst smart monitoring is optional, we recommended smart monitors so we can build an insight into Pest issues before they arise.

What reports do I receive?

Every technician visit produces a comprehensive audit report, detailing what the technician completed whilst on site and any pest issues that may have been found. Be sure to read every report and action the recommendations made

What are recommendations?

Recommendations are made by your regular technician and include details about current pest issues and how you can prevent them. They are key to ensuring your premise remains pest free.

Is there an online portal?

We have an industry leading online portal which acts as a single point for all your pest control needs. Truly digital pest control!

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