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How it Works

Want to find out how Pest Pulse works exactly?

It's a simple 4 step process

Pest Pulse protects your business against pest infestations from the first day our devices are installed. We monitor your premises 24 / 7 and react instantly to any pest activity.


Permanent Monitoring

Pest Pulse smart traps are installed across your premises to monitor your premises for rodent activity around the clock

Permanent Monitoring
Instant Response


Instant Response

As soon as a trap is activated, an alert to you and to Pest Pulse. Our technician is instantly scheduled to perform a site inspection


Corrective Actions

Our technician addresses your infestation and supplies you detailed recommendations & corrective actions

Corrective Actions
Insights & Reporting


Insights & Reporting

All your service history and activity reports are made available through our online portal

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The Benefits of
Pest Pulse

  • Monitor around the clock

    Protect your premises against pests 24 / 7

  • Save on costly infestations

    Catch infestations before they become expensive to solve

  • Non-toxic solutions

    Protect the environment & meet new regulations

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