Pest Pulse Smart Monitor For Snap Traps

Pest Pulse Smart Monitor For Snap Traps

The Pest Pulse smart monitor provides you with around the clock monitoring of your rodent traps both indoor and outdoor

Simple & easy to use

Our smart devices are designed for simple install and are compatible with the vast majority of snap traps and monitoring stations

Direct to cloud comms

Our devices talk directly to the cloud without the need for costly and complicated custom networks required on your customer sites

Cost effective

Pest Pulse offers you a pest monitoring solution that is affordable for all client types for the first time

Perfect for external rodent monitoring

Direct to cloud communications and compatibility with non-toxic pest management makes Pest Pulse the perfect solution for new industry regulations concerning external baiting

Compatible for Rat & Mice Monitoring Stations

Our device is designed to be compatible for both rat and mice monitoring stations making it the most flexible solution for your smart pest control needs

Frequently asked questions

How does it know when the trap is triggered?
Our hardware and firmware is designed to constantly 'listen' for trap triggers through accelerometer sensors. When a trap triggers an alert is transmitted in real-time via SMS, Email and mobile app notifications
What types of traps will this device be compatible with?
The device is designed to work with snap traps for both rats & mice and is compatible with all popular monitoring stations on the market today. The device can also be customised to work with other stations including cat cages and other live traps
How long do the batteries last?
Our batteries last 3 years on average. A combination of innovative hardware design, cutting edge firmware and integration of cloud computing for sensor readings make this long lifespan possible
Is this compliant with new rodenticide regulations?
Pest Pulse is the ideal solution for new regulations and guidelines regarding responsible rodenticide use. Paring Pest Pulse with non-toxic snap traps provides 24/7 monitoring without the need for additional labour
Will my customer be able receive alerts?
Yes, our software provides you with the option of offering your customers the ability to receive SMS and emails when a trap triggers. In addition to this we offer an online reporting portal for your clients
How can I find out more?
We would be delighted to talk further about our solution and any further questions you may have. Please contact us to set up a meeting and we will be in touch very soon