Food Alert Integration

Pest Pulse has partnered with Food Alert, the integrated online safety management system specialist, to help Food Alert’s customers mitigate the threat of pest infestation.

Food Alert works in close partnership with its clients to ensure their businesses meet regulatory requirements, whilst helping them to streamline safety management processes, reduce risk and operational costs. It delivers services, cloud-based software and training, with a focus on food safety, health and safety, risk management, and auditing.

Food Alert’s safety compliance software, ALERT65, is cloud-based safety compliance software that helps businesses effectively and efficiently manage safety procedures and reduce risk exposure.

ALERT65 gives businesses the power to easily tackle complex compliance issues, whilst saving time and money via the automation of manual tasks. The system allows centrally stored compliance information and policy documentation from across multiple locations.

ALERT65 can now also get in-depth, real-time information on pest activity, across all sites with trend, insight and holistic analysis and multi-site risk management from one central dashboard, 24 hours a day.

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