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Why Pest Pulse?

Monitor around the clock 

Simply install our smart devices with industry standard snap traps and activate for 24/7 permanent monitoring

React to live alerts

Once your snap trap has been triggered an alert is immediately sent via the Pest Pulse platform through Email, SMS and App notifications

Analyse historical data

Reports and intelligent analysis can easily be generated to provide better insight to your clients and planning for your operations

Key Benefits of Pest Pulse

Reduced labour costs
Save on wasted visits to empty traps & respond only to genuine rodent infestations
Less hassle install & maintenance
Our easy to install devices are intuitive and user friendly with long battery life
Improved regulatory compliance
Meet new regulatory requirements & high compliance standards for key clients
Better service offering
Keep your service offering at the cutting edge with instant activity alerts and online reporting
  • Retrofit to your existing monitoring stations
    Our smart device retrofits to monitoring stations for rat & mice snap traps and remotely monitor activity around the clock
  • Detect snap trap triggers in real time, every time
    Our accelerometer sensors detect snap trap triggers and communicate alerts to operations managers, technicians and end customers in real time
  • Long lasting battery life
    Our devices are optimised for low power operations and deliver an average battery life of over 3 Years

Meet regulatory & industry standards

Comply with biocidal directives & non-toxic pest control requirements
Our non-toxic permanent monitoring solutions are designed to meet Pharmaceutical and Food hygiene standards for rodenticide use (e.g. AIB and BRC) and also to provide a cost effective solution to new limits set by biocidal directives

Remotely monitor and manage client sites

Our platform gives you a one stop shop to locate, monitor and manage rodent control traps across your portfolio of clients

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Report detailed inspection & infestation data

Pest Pulse provides a reporting portal that you can share with your clients to monitor their pest management in-real time and review historical service information

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Oversee your client's pest management program from your pocket

React to alerts

Receive alerts of triggers long before your clients is aware of an infestation

Report your findings

Capture inspection findings on site including photographs and client recommendations

Monitor your sites

Monitor all your client sites with current status updates around the clock

Review historical data

Review infestation history for every trap while on site to assist your IPM planning