Why Pest Pulse?

A revolution in pest control, using modern technology & expert knowledge to ensure your premises is pest free
Monitor around the clock 

Solutions today depend on quarterly or monthly physical inspections. Pest Pulse, on the other hand, monitors around the clock and reacts instantly

Save on costly infestations

Our pro-active approach identifies infestations at the earliest possible time so we can act fast and eradicate issues before they turn into expensive problems

Non Toxic solutions

Our rodent traps are 100% non-toxic. Providing green solutions that create healthier environments for workplaces and public spaces

Meet regulatory requirements

Pest Pulse helps you meet new regulatory biocidal requirements as well as strict food safety standards (e.g. IFS, AIB, BRC etc.)

Analyse reports & insights

Our best in class reporting platform provides you with real time alerts, data analysis and multi-site management

Pest Free environments

Pest Pulse reduces the risk of an infestation that could harm your business and relationships with customers and partners

Join other businesses revolutionising their pest control standards through Pest Pulse 24 / 7 monitoring

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Rodent Control

Smart monitoring & real time alerts

Pest Pulse offers an intelligent and environmentally friendly solution for rodent control. All preventative measures and treatment options are chemical-free, made possible by our to innovative technology
Strategic Pest Management

Our expert surveyors design a pest program optimised for your business

Permanent Monitoring

We install smart traps to detect & efficiently deal with rodent activity

Real Time Alerts

Real time alerts inform you and your technician of activity as it happens

Early Intervention

Our service technicians react instantly to address activity before it escalates

Manage pest control across all your sites from your pocket

Our best-in-class reporting platform is tailored to your industry and precise business needs

  • Multi-Site Management

  • Trend analysis of pest activity

  • Customised Audit Reports (HACCP, BRC, AIB etc)

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Protecting your employees, customers & brand

Pest Pulse offers a variety of solutions for all manner of pests affecting commercial businesses. Our best-practice driven Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs and services are designed to fit the unique needs of your industry and can be further customised to your business.

Our integrated pest control services include:
Flies & Wasps
Ants & Cockroaches
Bird Control
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